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Thuy, C. T. T. - Characteristics of the Board of Directors and Stock Price: A Case Study of Listed Joint-Stock Companies on Vietnam Stock Market

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:52
Keywords: Characteristics of Board of Director, listed joint-stock companies, Vietnam Stock Market, stock price.
The research focuses on analysing the impact of characteristics of Board of Director (BOD) on stock price (MP) of listed joint -stock companies on Vietnam Stock Market with the multiple regression method applied. The characteristics of BOD include the number of BOD members (BS), the dual-ity of BOD (Dual), the number of independent members of BOD (BI), the number of BOD meetings (BM) and the number of foreign members of BOD (AB). The data of 661 listed joint-stock companies on Vietnam Stock Market in 2018 is collected and used in this research. The research clarified that BM affects signifi-cantly and negatively MP whereas the other variabes (BS and AB) have positively significant impacts on MP and two remaining variables (Dual and BI) have insginificant relationship to MP.
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