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Nam, T. T. and Hanh, N. N. and Nhung, P. T. T. - Impacts of Job Satisfaction, Job Stress, and Organizational Support on Employees’ Intention to Quit

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:51
Key words: Job satisfaction, Job stress, Perceived organizational support, Turnover intention, Smart PLS
The process of finding out the antecedents impacting on intention to quit is a quite interesting topic. The research’s purpose is analyzing the effects on job satisfaction, job stress and organizational support which play an important role in explaining employee’s turnover intention in small and medium size company in Ho Chi Minh city. Structural equation modeling has been utilized to conduct a survey in having a checking the theory by analyzing the data of 635 employees. The study’s results bring out the antecedents proposed to have an impact on turnover intention. The results are worth in two aspects: theory and practice. Theoretically, the study’s results strengthen the theory of social exchange and the model of resource and job demand. In reality, managers should create a better working environment for a secure, comfortable working place and receive helping from others, diversify kinds of work and give self-controlling for the followers.
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