Vol 9

Binh, D. - Effects of Stakeholders on Green Export Strategies and Competitive Advantages of Vietnam’s Exporters

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:53
Keywords: green strategy, stakeholders, competitive advantage, Vietnamese exporters
The paper is one of our studies on green strategy with the aim of studying the effects of stake-holders in the pursuit of green strategy and achieved competitive advantages for Vietnamese exporters from a stakeholder approach. By investigating 275 managers from 75 agricultural, fishery and textile exporters, the paper confirmed that the attitudes, perceptions, and views of senior managers; the interest of customers in foreign markets; pressure from regulatory authorities and governments of exporting countries; The pressure of social stakeholders on environmental issues have positive impacts on the adop-tion of green export strategies by Vietnamese export enterprises. In addition, pursuiting green strategies help firms gain a differentiated competitive advantage, not a low-cost advantage. The research results imply some suggestions and recommendations for public policy makers and Vietnamese exporters to further pro-mote the application of green export strategy.
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