Vol 8

Duc, D. T. V - Input - Output Structure and Sources of Output Growth of Vietnamese Banking and Finance Sector in 2007-2016

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:27
Keywords: banking, finance, input-output structure, supply-demand structure, IO, Vietnam
The paper uses the input-output analysis (IO analysis) to analyze the supply-demand structure and identify sources of the output growth of Vietnamese banking and finance sector in the period of 2007-2016, which induces some implications for the sector’s further development. The analysis results show that, on the supply side, the input consumption level of the sector is still high, so the sector needs to improve the technology to reduce costs and increase value added. Demand for products and services of the sector is mainly for businesses and is continuing to move in the direction of increasing market proportion of these customers. Finally, among the factors that contributed to the sector's output growth, the technology has not been much improved while the ability to produce import substitutes is very limited. Therefore, Vietnamese banking and finance sector needs to continue investing in technology and management to enhance its oper-ational efficiency to compete in the international market.
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