Vol 7

Nga, N. T. - Structural Building and Analysis of the Market of Fisheries Supply Chain: The Case of Red Snapper (Sciaenops ocellatu) in Nam Trung Bo

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:04
Keywords: Red Snapper, Market Structure, Supply Chain, Nam Trung Bo.
The study of the supply chain in Vietnam has been quite common for the last 10 years; most of the studies are related to the products which are traditional or have established a foothold in the market, such as coffee, tea, milk, beef, poultry and seafood products such as shrimp, squid, catfish and tuna har-vested from the sea. The studies build a supply chain for a new product or a product which has not been widely known or found that may be challenging for research and application. Red snapper is a new product. Thus, the study results are expected to create a complete and comprehensive look at building and analyzing of red snapper supply chain in Nam Trung Bo. The study recommends some solutions relating to the context of new product consumption.
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