Vol 7

Lan, M. T. and Huy, L. Q. - Trends of big data applicationsin attracting and retainingtalents in Vietnam enterprises

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:03
Keywords: Big Data, talents, attracting and retaining talents, human resource management
The world is embarking on the fourth Industrial Revolution, a new production revolution associated with unprecedented breakthrough in technology related to Internet connection, artificial intelligence, robots, big data, cloud computing, virtual reality experience, etc. This revolution is expected to exert great impacts on every country, government, organization, enterprise and citizen worldwide in terms of working, production and daily communication modes. With the development of information technology, especially cloud comput-ing platform, and the explosion of mobile devices, everything is uploaded to storage system and exploited via applications on smart phones. Each individual can become a producer of data with series of images, sounds, articles and personal comments posted on communication channels on the Internet. They exist there every day, every hour and are digitized, stored to create an enormous amount of data which exceed the pro-cessing capacity of traditional database. In this context, the new trend of Big Data is generated to deal with problems of storing and processing data. 
Within the framework of this research paper, the authors generalize some fundamental theories of Big Data, talents attraction and retaining, analyze the current awareness and trend of Big Data application in attracting and retaining talents in Vietnam enterprises (via data collected by questionnaires and interviews), then propose some solutions for Vietnam enterprises to apply Big Data extensively to attract and retain talents.
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