Vol 7

Hung, N.T. - A Study on Impacts of Social Media on Online Business Performance of Enterprises in Viet Nam

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:10
Keywords: social media; social networks; online business; social network community; impacts of social media; online business performance
In the last decade, social networks have witnessed rapid growth in types and number of users. Social network users tend to learn, listen, discuss, and share experiences with and from friends mutually. Enterprises have seen huge opportunities and integrated into this trend, while customers are play-ing a central role in business operations by social media. Many studies have indicated that social media is supporting enterprises to improve and enhance their position in the transition. More than ever, the strong impact of social media has been drawing the attention of many researchers as well as online business enter-prises in the world as well as in Viet Nam. However, studies on the impacts of social media on customers and enterprises in Viet Nam have so far limited. Particularly, research on the impacts of social media on the online business performance has yet to be done in Viet Nam. The article proposed a model to measure the impacts of social media on the online business performance of enterprises in Viet Nam in the context of the ever-growing social network and the spreading information on the social networking community has an impact on the decision of the participants.
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