Vol 7

Dat, P.M. and Trang, N.T.Q. and Thu, B.T. - A Study on Factors Affecting Perceived Customer Values of Facebook-based Retailers in Hanoi

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:17
Keywords: Perceived valuable consumers, Facebook-based retailers
This study aims to identify factors that address whole customer value as shopping at small online retailers on Facebook. Results which are accredited by multiple –choice survey data of 250 consumers show that the practical research model consists of 5 independent variables with 20 observed meas-ures and 5 observations for dependent variables about Customer Perceived values of Facebook-based retailers in Hanoi in the order of contribution: Quality of online retail services, Online word of mouth cam-paign, Perceived Usefulness; Perceived Ease of use and Perceived Risks.
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