Vol 6

Huong, T. T. T. - Experience in Organizing Reverse Logistics System Through Case Studies and Lessons for Vietnam

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:17
Key words: Reverse logistics, Reverse logistics system, Vietnam
At present, in Vietnam, while the volume of the solid waste is estimated at 28 million tons per year with a growth rate of 10% per year, the collection rate is about 83-85% in urban areas and 40-50% in rural areas, the rate of recycling and reuse is very low, approximately 10-12%. This situation is mainly caused by the fact that Vietnam has not organized an efficient reverse logistics system to recover, recycle and reuse waste and discarded products from the production and consumption processes. Therefore, this article focuses on analyzing the experience of organizing reverse logistics system in several countries around the world; and then draws the lessons for Vietnam.
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