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Trade Science Rewiev No 5

Thứ tư - 02/12/2015 15:05
Trade Science Rewiev No 5
1. Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien - Solutions for the safe and sustainable development of commercial banks in Vietnam
In the difficulties context of the economy, many commercial banks (CBs) in Vietnam as well as the enterprises of other sectors in the national economy are facing a number of obstacles and challenges. How do they survive and develop safely and sustainably? This question is not easy give to complete and accurate answer for researchers, policy makers, market authorities and commercial bank executives. Based on the survey on the scale and methods to raise capital, along with the general evaluation on business performance, the weaknesses and limitations of the commercial banking system in Vietnam, the paper suggests ideas about the organization of the system and the development of banking services in order to contribute more scientific and also practical arguments for the safe and sustainable development of Vietnam’s banking system.
2. Nguyen Hoang Viet - A research model of Vietnam's supply chain of speciality agricultural exports in the current context
In this period of time, the Party and the State have made resolutions and policies on agricultural restructuring, which prioritize the development of agricultural export production based on comparative advantage. One of the terminologies currently which are popular among both static and dynamic researchers and policy makers is “approach and build export supply chains”. This is a truly needed policy but still not put into practice of business – production of agriculture products. This article aims to establish a structure and operate a supply chain through a research model to maximize its performance.
3. Pham Minh Dat - Explortary Study on Factors Affecting the Choice of Export Supply Chains of Agricultural and Forestry Specialities in the Northwest provinces of Vietnam
Selecting an export supply chain model (ESC) that is appropriate, lean, and effective is an urgent need for the original agricultural specialties producers in general and especially with our country's northwest regions in particular. Guidelines and policies are available yet choosing and building ESC for the northwest agricultural specialties remain an unsolved problem. This paper aims at providing an analysis and interpretation of factors affecting and forming the basis for the selection and establishment of ESC for agricultural specialties in the northwest areas in the current period and in the future.
4. Nguyen Bach Khoa and Tran Viet Thao - Studying quality of content of macro policies on commercial infrastructure development in Vietnam’s big urban area
In recent years, the Party and State have already determined restructuring and development of the infrastructure elements  is one of three breakthroughs of restructuring the economy not only on national level but also containing locals, the business sectors on that economic scope which as a base in making, principles and directions in the macro policies. However, the assessment of the quality and value of the supply, support of economic socio-economic infrastructure elements in general and commercial infrastructure in particular is still low, weak and have many shortcomings compared with the requirements and their role in market development and sustainable trade. This paper focused on the present quality of content elements of macroeconomic policies with the development of large urban areas in our country in relation the purpose of macro policies and the response to the requement of commercial development in the large urban areas.
5. Nguyen Hoang Long and Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan - local government management with domestic confectionery business research models, actual and complete solution on the territory of the city of hanoi
           In the last time there have been numerous studies on the management of local government with sales of consumer products, but the majority of studies havelimited to  the qualitative descriptive analysis. This article will focus on the quantitative impact of the management of local government performance as a dependent variable quality of content management and deployment of the management of local government. For reference, the study selected confectionery businesses in the city of Hanoi.
6. Mai Thanh Lan - Human resource management based on competence –some theoretical and practical issuses
The good competence model and system can be seen as the most important of corporate talent management. The modern of human resource management tends to change from individual management to competence management. In of creating, attracting, maintaining and using effectively individual talent in the organization, the human resource management practices are moving to creating, attracting, and using effectively the core competence in order to achieve the business strategies. If those core competences can’t be found in the individual employee, a number of employees can possess those competences (effective work group).
In the scope of the article, the author refers to the problem of theoretical and practical of human resource management based on competence model that can be seen as a new management’s trend today. Based on those arguments, the author proposed some suggestions for Vietnam enterprises to change the current human resource management system, contributed an important role to support and implement business strategy in the present context.
7. Phan Thi Thu Hoai - Marketing Communications of Hanoi-based Supermarket Chains  
Marketing communications represent one of the important activities of businesses. It is needed to deliver information about features, benefits and activities related to products, brands and businesses to their target markets, stakeholders as well as the general publics. Marketing communications are to communicate and share information among those in relations with enterprises, brands and products. The article looks into the capacity and effectiveness of marketing communications of Hanoi-based supermarket chains.
8. Cao Tuan Khanh - Marketing Mix Strategy for SBU of Retail Credit Services at SeaBank
- Binh Duong Branch - Research model and Actual situation
In the current process of restructuring of commercial banks current Vietnam, the transformation of the commercial banks’ business model and governance under strategic management methods will be very important not only for creating new “jar” but also new “wine”. One focus of those transformations is applying marketing management for commercial banks, which in fact is marketing strategy management. This paper examines marketing mix strategic management in a scientific and effective way by defining the assumptions, the research model, the scales and assessments to systemize actual marketing mix strategy for SUB of retail credit services at SeAbank – Binh Duong Branch.
9. Nguyen Bach Khoa and Do Thi Binh -  A study on implementation of competitive market oriented business strategies of evn’s power generation companies
The operations of a competitive power market from July 1st 2012 as instructed by the Prime Minister have made the power sector no longer a monopoly in the economy, which requires power enterprises in general and power generation companies under EVN in particular to adjust their business strategies to better meet the demand of a competitive power generating market. It is therefore urgent for EVN’s generation companies to research and implement business strategies towards competitive market. Upon generalizing theories on competitive markets, the authors use SPSS 22.0 for exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression to affirm the factors as well as the validity and reliability of the factors affecting the implementation of business strategies in power generation companies under EVN. 

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