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Trade Science Rewiev No 4

Thứ tư - 02/12/2015 15:07
Trade Science Rewiev No 4
 1. Nguyen Hoang Long and Dinh Van Tuyen - Market Value of Business Supporting Services (BSS) in Danang City - Model, Situation, and Suggested Solutions
There are studies on developing service markets in general and BSS markets in particular; however, they merely discuss the development of market elements (supply, demand, price, institution) or market development methods (extensively, intensively) without mentioning the input (base for development), output (development targets), or the relationship between input and output (development efficiency). This paper studies the market value of BSS in Danang city as the nuclear of the input and output of this service market development model.
2. Nguyen Hoang Viet and Nguyen Bach Khoa - General model and measurement scale of quality and service value categories in vietnam context
There are many research projects about model and scale quality and value of the different service types with many different approaches but there still confusions about the function between them last time. This paper has documented research base and inherit the actual research at home and abroad to make a frame model and the intermediate scales common to every type of service to to develop scales for observed variables specific to the particular service types.
3. Luc Thi Thu Huong – Supply Chain Management for Packaged Food  at Vietnam's Red River Delta Region: Practical Analysis and Solution for Improvement
For fast moving consumer goods like packaged food products, the effective and efficient supply chain management can create highly added values to all chain members. The article presents the empirical findings and practical analysis for packaged food supply chain in Red River delta. The two groups participated in the survey were producers and retailers, who evaluated measures to identify the chain objectives, chain management capacity and market access, as well as gave opinions on challenges and difficulties they faced in managing the chain. The article also suggests some solutions to improve the packaged food supply chain in Red River region in the future.
4. Nguyen Viet Thai - A study on ecotourism activities in western suburban district communities in Thanh Hoa province
The western suburban districts in Thanh Hoa province have many beauty spots to attract domestic and foreign tourists to come and join their ecotourism activities (ecotourism). The system of specialized forests in this province with 81,357 acres including Ben En National Forest, Puluong reserve area (Quan Hoa), Xuan Lien (Thuong Xuan), and Cam Luong fish spring (Cam Thuy) are naturally well preserved areas with high potential for ecotourism. The development of ecotourism activities in western suburban districts in Thanh Hoa plays an important role in the socio-economic activities as well as contributing to the local economic development, creating more job openings, increasing living standards, and enhancing residential living conditions. In this study, the author would like to analyse the elements involved in ecotourism activities based on primary and secondary data, then suggest some solutions to facilitate the ecotourism activities in western suburban districts in Thanh Hoa.
5. Pham Minh Dat - valuating the quality, level of interference and satisfaction of the state management policies of overcoming technical trade barriers to aquatic products exporters of Vietnam
Vietnam's aquatic products exported to international markets not only face the fierce competition of products from other countries but also encounter highly sophisticated trade barriers, which are complicated and difficult to overcome. These technical trade barriers are now being increasingly and closely used by countries. Meanwhile, the policies that support aquatic products exports are limited and bounded by the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The article is conducted on the basis of providing criteria for the evaluation of the state management policies towards overcoming the technical trade barriers of aquatic products exporters; compiling and making hypotheses and research methodologies of state management policies towards overcoming the technical trade barriers to exported aquatic products. From all of the above, the author would like to provide the evaluation of the quality of and the satisfaction with the current state management policies on overcoming technical trade barriers of Vietnam's aquatic products exporters.
6. Mai Thanh Lan - Effect of remuneration and leadership style to motivation of teachers - Research in Binh Dinh
Practical research shows that there are many factors that affect on the motivation of teachers, especially in the current context. A number of factors may be mentioned such as remuneration, working conditions, learners, leadership style, personality, ... Within the scope of this paper, the author conducted the study to find out the effects the two factors that remuneration and leadership style on the motivation of teachers in the Binh Dinh province. Then, the author proposed a number of recommendations to enhance the motivation of teachers on this locality.
7. Ta Thi Ngoc Bich - Vocational Training Service in Rural Areas of Vietnam: Current Status and Solutions
The national causes of modernization, industrialization and urbanization have promoted the socio-economic development and led to strong economic transitions in recent time. Together with that development is the transition in labor structures in the country, especially in rural areas. In this context, it is important for state administration agencies to seek optimal solutions to transfer laborers to appropriate sectors in serve for international and domestic economic development; at the same time ensure social welfare and preferential policies for rural laborers. For these reasons, it is urgent that authorized agencies pay attention to improving qualifications and working skills of rural laborers. On the basis of the survey, analysis, evaluation of the situation of rural vocational training, the author suggests solutions to raising its quality in the coming time.
8. Nguyen Thi Minh Nhan - Research of impacts on social responsibility implementation to employees in processing and exporting seafood enterprises
Processing and exporting seafood is one of the key economic sectors in Vietnam. In recent years, many enterprises in this sector have revealed the poor development due to the uncertainty of meterial supply and price, and the fierce competetion of market. Along with these dificulties, the implementation of social responsibility also contains many shortcomings with the responsibility towards employees not being guaranteed, even when the results were prospering. Therefore, researching and building a framework analyzing factors which impact onsocial responsible implementation for workers in seafood enterprices is an imperative task, and also the purpose of this article.
9. Do Thi Binh - Restructuring financial and investment capability of EVN's generation companies
After a series of macroeconomic instability in 2008-2011 period, restructuring of state-owned corporations in general and businesses under those in particular are in urgency requirement. With the obvious weakness of the financial capacity compared to international benchmarks in the context of rising demand for power generation, EVN's generation companies need to restructure their financial and investment capacity. After researching the financial problems of generation companies, the author proposed 05 basic solutions, in which equitization is a key solution to restructuring the financial and investment capacity of EVN's electricity generation companies.
e openness have significant impact on inflation in Vietnam.
10. Do Thi Binh - Assessing revealed competitiveness of some fast food chains in Hanoi market by using Fuzzy TOPSIS method
With growth of 26-30% per year, the fast food market has reached a high and stable growth in the food industries in Vietnam at present. The statement of partnership with Good Day Hospitality in the franchise and opening its first store in 2014 of McDonald's has proved the attractiveness of Vietnam fast food market after integration. By choosing 3 fast food chain stores which have developed with high speed and are the most popular with Hanoi consumers to assess revealed comparative advantage, this research has shown that according to the judgment of the consumers, KFC fast food chain stores are at the first position of revealed comparative advantage, followed by  BBQ Chicken and Lotteria.
In addition, when assessing the revealed comparative advantage of fast food chain stores in Hanoi, the importance of the evaluation criteria are ranked from top to bottom as follows: place store in the centre, brand stores, price, promotions, chain stores, beautiful shop space, comfortable seating, diversity of food, taste of food,  friendly store staff, quick service speed and ultimately many added value services.

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