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1. Dinh Van Son - Development of Retail Banking in Vietnam -Situation and Solutions
In Vietnam recently, under the fierce competitive pressures resulting from the looser regulations imposed on foreign financial institutions, especially those on opening branches and transaction offices, the lift of limits on deposit mobilization in VND and the development of information technology, the retail banking services of Vietnam commercial banks, particularly joint-stock banks, have grown considerably. However, besides the achievements gained in the process, there still remain many problems and limitations. Amid the stronger international economic integration in finance-banking area, without effective policies and measures, Vietnam commercial banks may end up losing their share right in their home market. Upon identifying retail banking services, analyzing the recent situation of these services in Vietnam commercial banks, the author proposes some solutions to create more scientific and practical grounds to develop the retail banking services in Vietnam commercial banks in the coming time.
2. Nguyen Hoang Long and Luong Thanh Hai - Criteria to evaluate an enterprise's capacity of business strategy management and methods to determine
Business strategy has its objective to strengthen the long-term and sustainable competitiveness and  position of the core products/services, of the SBUs through implementation of the enterprise's decisions of its target market, investment intensity and resource plan; functional strategic directions; promoting and cooperating internal forces and symbiosis capacities to create sustainable competitive advantages. This leads to an essential requirement for enterprises to recognize and measure exactly in order to create, maintain and develop its strategy management capacity in such aggressive competitive environment as today. Within this paper, based on establishing approaching viewpoints and structures of strategy management capacity, the author establishes a system of measurement criteria and methods to determine the index of strategy management capacity, which form directions and scientific basis to plan and implement the enterprise's business strategy - a prerequisite strategy for the enterprise to implement its present and long-term objectives to ensure the benefit of the enterprise, customers and the society.
3. Vu Manh Chien and Le Nhu Tuyen - International Accounting Standard (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Experience in building Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) for Vietnam
The formulation of international accounting standards and international financial reporting standards of countries with developed economies has been discussed and effectuated since the '70s of the previous century. Despite the fact that up until now, IAS/IFRS has been applied in many countries over the world, the knowledge about the formation and nature of these has always been an issue of concern when researching to establish a separate standard system for each country. This article describes the history of formation of IAS/IFRS, introduces the features in the nature of IAS/IFRS in the comparative relation with the accounting system in some developed countries with the wish to give a viewing angle to those engaged in establishing accounting standards in Vietnam.
4. Nguyen Hoang Viet and Nghiem Dinh Dat - Impacts of core competences on competitive advantages  of Vietnam Insurance Companies
This research focused on impacts of core competences on competitive advantages of enterprises. Research model was tested with 92 managers of 18 Vietnam insurance companies. Research results showed that there is relationship between core competences and competitive advantages. This research also indicated core competences impact significantly on competitive advantages of Vietnam insurance companies.
5. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan - Perfecting Supply Chain for Vietnam Dairy Products
Over the recent years, Vietnamese dairy enterprises have paid attention to their supply chain to bring their products to consumers quickly and cheaply. The supply chains for dairy products have been established in Vietnam but not been organized well, the linkage among units in the chains remains loose, thus vulnerable to fluctuations. On the basis of theories on supply chain, together with the analysis of the chain situation in Vietnam, the author proposes some solutions to perfecting the supply chains for Vietnam dairy products amid the present context.
6. Pham Duc Hieu - Factors affecting the accounting system in Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam
Based on the results of an empirical research, the article clarifies three fundamental factors affecting the accounting system in Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam, namely the age of business, the number of employees and the legal forms. The research findings show the positive effects of these factors on the operation of accounting system within SMEs in Vietnam. While the age of business and the number of employees indicate the positive relationship between the development of enterprise (by time and by employment) and the accounting system, the legal forms associated with financial structures reflecting the owners' demands for accounting information also impact positively on the accounting system. The research findings provide references for policy makers in terms of accounting and finance for SMEs in Vietnam in the near future.   
7. Tran Thi Hong Mai - Activity-Based Costing (ABC) Implementation in Vietnam Public Universities
Global economic integration has brought more challenges in finance autonomy and training qualities to Vietnam public universities than ever before. Indeed, universities have paid more attention to finance management since their budgets and enrollment targets are both cut down. Using activity-based costing (ABC) system, which identifies the relationship between costs, resources and activities in specific subjects would contribute to more accurate cost calculations of activities and products. This, in turn, will help university administrators manage their expenses and make financial decisions. In this article, I propose a model of  ABC system to Vietnam public universities, regardless of their training programs.
8. Phan Thi Thu Hoai - Developing  distinctive features of specialty retail supermarket chain in Hanoi
According to Micheal Porter [Kotler&Keller, 2012], one of the general competitive strategies that the firms can follow is differentiation strategy. The firm can compete with rivals by creating outstanding differentiating features that are beyond those of rivals and make customers aware of these points. Thus, similar to other firms, specialty supermarket chain need to stand out over their competitors to gain strong position and creates fascination to customers.
9. Nguyen Minh Tien - The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Inflation in Vietnam Method Arellano-Bond GMM regression and PMG
High economic growth in a sustainable manner at low inflation is one of the main goals of the majority of macroeconomic policy. Therefore, keeping prices steady plays an important role in determining the level of output increases. This paper empirically studies the impact of fiscal policy as fiscal deficits and public investment on inflation in 43 provinces of Vietnam in the period of 1997-2012. By applying the model performance error correction PMG (Pooled Mean Group) and an estimation method GMM (General method of Moment) in which Arellano-Bond difference panel data, research found that fiscal deficits, public investment, economic growth, investment private and trade openness have significant impact on inflation in Vietnam.
10. Do Thi Binh - Assessing revealed competitiveness of some fast food chains in Hanoi market by using Fuzzy TOPSIS method
With growth of 26-30% per year, the fast food market has reached a high and stable growth in the food industries in Vietnam at present. The statement of partnership with Good Day Hospitality in the franchise and opening its first store in 2014 of McDonald's has proved the attractiveness of Vietnam fast food market after integration. By choosing 3 fast food chain stores which have developed with high speed and are the most popular with Hanoi consumers to assess revealed comparative advantage, this research has shown that according to the judgment of the consumers, KFC fast food chain stores are at the first position of revealed comparative advantage, followed by  BBQ Chicken and Lotteria.
In addition, when assessing the revealed comparative advantage of fast food chain stores in Hanoi, the importance of the evaluation criteria are ranked from top to bottom as follows: place store in the centre, brand stores, price, promotions, chain stores, beautiful shop space, comfortable seating, diversity of food, taste of food,  friendly store staff, quick service speed and ultimately many added value services.

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