Vol 8

Dzung, P.T.T. - Factors Affecting the Derivatives Investment Intention of Individual Investor: a Case Study in Vietnam

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:38
Keywords: Behavior, PLS-SEM, TPB, PLS-MGA, Derivatives
In this research, PLS-SEM method was applied to assess the relationship between the original determinants of Theory of Planned Behavior including Attitude, Social Norms, Perceived Behavioral Control together with expanded variables of Past Experience, Perceived Risk, and Financial Literacy to explain derivatives investment intention in Vietnam. The paper also applies PLS-MGA method to test the effect of income demographic factor on the differences in the relationship between the latent variables. The research outcomes reveal that most of the determinants except Social Norms have statistical impacts on the intention, and an MGA analysis shows that there is a statistical difference in the influence of financial lit-eracy between high income and low income groups.
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