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Huong. D. T. and Nhan, N. T. M. - Factors Affecting the Implementation of Social Responsibility Toemployees at Vietnamese Textile Enterprises

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 19:59
Keywords: implementation, social responsibilities, employees, Vietnamese textile enterprises
This research analyzes the factors affect the implementation of social responsibility toemployees at Vietnamese textile enterprises. The data was collected from 38 local companies through the pre-designed questionnaire. The study also applied methods of descriptive statistics, CFA analysis, SEM analy-sis, Bootstrap tests and multi-group structural analysis to sum-up with four final factors of strategic plan-ning, business leaders, stakeholders and corporate culture; in which stakeholders took the most influent on how social responsibility implemented. At the same time, the study also suggested some solutions for textile management to improve such performance.
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