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Hoa, N.T.M. - Factors affecting the suitability of the planning position suitability in Management and Leadership of female cadres: Cases studies of Ho Chi Minh City

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 20:14
Keywords: female managers, leaders, female cadres in the planning, Ho Chi Minh City
The objective of the study is to determine the factors affecting the suitability of the planning position with the specialization of training, aspiration and forte of female cadres (FCs) in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Information was collected from 288 FCs in planning area in 5 districts and 7 Departments in the city. The results of exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression analysis with control models show that, “The level of updating and understanding of policies to create planning resources” is an important factor for the relevance of FCs’ training specialty and aspirations. Factors that have a strong and positive impact on the suitability of the planned position are “Competence - Understanding”, “Education level (specialization)” and “Competence - Quality, Public service ethics”. In particular, the suitability of the planned position is negatively affected by the factor “Barriers in plan-ning policy”. Thereby, put forth some approaches to complete the planning, create sources of FCs man-agement and leadership in the city in the future.
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