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Viet, N. H. and Quyet, P. D. - Logistics to Meet the Needs of Import and Export through the Border Gate of Cao Bang: Situation and Solutions

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:20
Keywords: Cao Bang's border gate; logistics; import and export.
In recent years, border gate logistics service has contributed to ensure the production business activities of companies, cut costs and improve quality of products and services, which allow businesses to create competitive advantages in the market. However, logistics services in the border area are still inadequate and have not been fully exploited. The paper evaluates the current situation of logistics to afford the needs of import and export through the border gate economic area in Cao Bang province by using results of surveys to group of import and export enterprises, transport enterprises, logistics service providers and state management agencies. Based on these results, the research team proposed a number of recommendations, which can help to develop logistics services to meet the needs of export and import through border gates in Cao Bang province next time.
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