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Thai, N. V. and Trang. B. T. Q. - The Application of IDIC Model in Customer Relationship Management at Tourism Accommodation Establishments of 3 Stars or Higher in Vietnam

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:07
Keywords: CRM, IDIC, Tourism accommodation establishments
CRM is a term that has become familiar to many businesses, the application of CRM canhelp businesses develop their relationships with customers; then with the information obtained about the customers, they can offer the Marketing, sales and customer care that are tailored to each individual. From the practical research on CRM in the tourism accommodation of 3 stars or higher, combined with the use of  secondary data from the General Tourism Information Center, Hotel Department - Vietnam National  Administration of Tourismand the survey report on hospitality industry 2017, the article has commented on the IDIC model in CRM, analyzed and evaluatedthe status of CRM implementation in the tourism accommodation of 3 stars rating or higher, then proposed theuse of the IDIC model in CRM at the tourism accommodation of 3 stars rating or higher in Vietnam.
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