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Nhung, L. T. K. - The Development of Vietnam's Derivative Stock Market - A Need for Comprehensive Solutions

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:25
Key word: derivatives market, development, solutionKey word: derivatives market, development, solution
Vietnam's derivatives market has officially come into operation, marking a new development of the Vietnamese stock market. The birth of the derivatives market is a step to the completion of Vietnamese financial market, in line with international practice, helping investors to prevent risks and diversi investment products, thereby increasing the attractiveness and investment opportunities on the stock market. In the first stage of operation, besides remarkable achievements, the market also implies many risks and challenges of the development process. The paper considers the necessary conditions for the derivative market to confirm the establishment of the Vietnamese derivatives market is appropriate, assess the actual market performance, identify the problems, and propose comprehensive solutions for sustainable development of the Vietnamese derivatives market in the future.
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