Vol 6

Khoa, N. B. - A Study on Learners' Satisfaction with English Training Quality in Language Link Vietnam

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:12
Keywords: Demand satisfaction; service quality, foreign language training service, Language Link.
Customer satisfaction with service quality and value has long been a topic of concerns by many scholars and enterprises. This research aims to examine the impacts of different components of service quality on demand satisfaction of learners at Language Link Vietnam via the application of the research model by Gronroos (1984) and the modified model by N. B. Khoa and N. H. Viet (2014). The research uses a data set made up by 256 learners in various training programs provided by Language Link Vietnam with 4 service quality components of technical quality, functional quality, positioning quality and relationship quality of English training services. Qualitative research and quantitative research have been conducted with a measurement set including 36 observation variables of 4 independent variables and 6observation variables of 1 dependent variable. The findings indicate that these variables have direct and significant impacts on learner demand satisfaction capacity in the following order: functional quality, technical quality, positioning quality, relationship quality; these 4 components can explain 76.8% of variations in learner demand satisfaction capacity in Language Link Vietnam.
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