Vol 6

Hung, T. H. - Solution for Improving the Department's Leader Performance in Hoa Binh Province

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:32
Keyword: Performance appraisal for leaders, department leader in Hoa Binh province
The public sector plays an important role in promoting the stability and development of each nation's political, economic and social systems. However, many challenges have been investigated in Vietnam public sector. In this scenario, human resources, particularly, leaders in public administration have been con-firmed as the key factors which impact on the effectiveness of this area. Thus, human resource management, human resource performance appraisal have attracted by policy-makers, researchers…In this research, author analysedthe current situation of performance appraisal for Department leaders in Hoa Binh province through the mixed method (quantitative and qualitative methods). Based on the findings, the author proposes some solutions to enhance the quality of performance  appraisal for Department leaders in the future.
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