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Hung, N. T. - A Study on Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Dimensions of E-banking Service Quality of Commercial Banks in Vietnam

Thứ năm - 29/07/2021 18:19
Keywords: e-banking, commercial banks, e-banking services, e-banking service quality, quality elements of ebanking services.
With the rapid development of information technology (IT) applications in banking sector, most commer- cial banks in the world and in Vietnam have made great advancement in providing and developing ebanking services. This does not only allows commercial banks to create their superiority and new utilities in financial services, but it also opens up new opportunities to access a large number of potential customers, occupya share ine-banking market and cross-sell their products and services. In Viet Nam today, e-banking products and services diversified types. However, the number of e-banking users is still limited withsmalltransaction value, which is irrelevant to the market potential and current customers as well as the investments of commercial banks. It is of great importance for Vietnamese commercial bank to deal with the challenge in the present and future context. The paper presents a model for studying the relationship between dimensions of e-banking service quality of commercial banks in Viet Nam and customer satisfaction as well as a scientific reference for Vietnamese commercial banks to review their e-banking service quality and accurately assess customer satisfaction. Through this, Vietnamese commercial banks can improve e-banking services, foster customer satisfaction, create loyal customers and attract more potential customers for e-banking services.
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