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Trang, L.H. - The Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Non-life Insurance Participants in Vietnam

Keywords: Servqual; Non-life insurance
Insurance in general and non-life insurance in particular play an important role in the economy when they mobilize a large amount of capital to finance production and business, beside profound humanistic meanings in sharing risks between organizations and individuals using insurance and contribut-ing to production and life stability. Therefore, the development of non-life insurance is not only the concern of business executives but also the interests of managers, policy makers and researchers. The Vietnam non-life insurance market is formed late compared to other countries in the world but has been constantly expanding, gradually meeting the insurance needs of organizations and individuals in society. However, in a comprehensive view, the scale and growth speed of the non-life insurance industry in Vietnam are still low and have not met the potential needs of the insured. To develop this potential market, it is essential for many different relevant authorities to prepare and make comprehensive measures. One of the effective measures to develop products and services in general and non-life insurance in particular is to meet the needs of the insured. This study aims to identify the factors affecting the satisfaction of non-life insurance participants in Vietnam to propose management operations for non-life insurance enterprises then improve business effi-ciency in the upcoming time. The results show that the trust and image of the enterprise, the demand response, product terms and tangible facilities affect the insurer's satisfaction and involve the clients’ satis-faction and loyalty.
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