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Trang, D. T. T. and Hanh, T. T. T - The Influence of Channel Integration Quality on Customer Engagement in Multi-channel Retail in Vietnam

Keywords: customer engagement, channel integration quality, multi-channel retailing, re-purchase intention, positive word-of-mouth.
Along with the dramatic growth of the technology at stores, multi-channel services have turned to omni-channel ones. Integrating effectively sales channels assists retailers to not only increase sales and optimise costs of supporting customers but also make them satisfied, loyal and more engaged with retailers. This study verifies the research framework of the impact of perceived quality of channel integra-tion on customer engagement within the context of electronics and appliance specialist retail industry in Vietnam. The findings of the analysis conducted using PLS-SEM technique indicate the dimensions of chan-nel integration quality positively affect customer engagement, both directly and indirectly through the vari-able of consumer empowerment. Furthermore, the empirical results imply a crucial role of customer per-ception of retail channel integration quality in increasing customer engagement, motivating their re-pur-chase intention and positive word-of-mouth behaviour.
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