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Ta-Lun Sung and Kai-Tang Fan - Finding Vietnam’s opportunities and challenges through patent analysis

Keywords: Opportunities and challenges, patent analysis, Vietnam
This paper discussed Vietnam’s opportunities and challenges through patent analysis. Information of granted and applied patents could overview the trends of the technology development. The number of patent applications and patent grants in Vietnam intellectual property office are increased from 2009 to 2018. The non-resident patent applications and patent grants are 8 times of resident patent applications and patent grants in Vietnam. These non-resident patent applications are coming from the international companies in Vietnam for their production and market. However, resident patent applications are increased from 258 to 646 and resident patent grants are increased from 29 to 205 through these years till 2018. It indicated that technology development of Vietnam becomes growing and strengthening in the beginning phase. 
The number of USA patents till 2020/3/28 for Vietnam applicants or Vietnam inventors are 797 but Vietnam applicants only are 172 by using WIPS database. It means that most Vietnam inventors work for the international companies. The top 10 key players are NIKE (shoe company, USA), PERSONIFY, INC. (video streaming, USA), MYLAN GROUP (Chemical, Vietnam), CENTRE NAT RECH SCIENT (French Research Inst., France), SAMSUNG (Semi, Korea), TON DUC THANG (university, Vietnam), VIETTEL GROUP (Network, telecom, Vietnam) RYNAN TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD (Printer, Singapore) ACTIVE-SEMI, INC. (Power management, USA) and MARVELL INT LTD (digital Storage, USA).  Although only three applicants are from Vietnam, the Vietnamese inventors helps these international companies in advance technology fields (shoe, biotech, power management, video streaming, digital storage and semi. industry). The growing number of Vietnamese inventors indicated the success of the technology transfer. 
The top three local key players, MYLAN GROUP, TON DUC THANG and VIETTEL GROUP, are impor-tant to indicated the technology develop trends on chemical and network fields in Vietnam. 
Vietnam is making significant economic progress because of its efficient labor market (70% of popula-tion, mainly on low-skilled labor). The economic growth helps not only living standard but also technology transfer. According to the patent analysis, the innovation is on the very beginning phase and grows rapidly. Like Hsinchu science park, Taiwan was built and developed by Taiwanese inventors from Silicon Valley, USA. More and more Vietnam inventors found in international companies could be the resources for future inventions in Vietnam. Vietnam’s opportunities and challenges are on its innovation. When the labor needs are from low-skilled to high-skilled then to innovation, the economic growth of Vietnam will be not only increased but also sustainable.
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