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Hung, N.M. and Hong, N.T.X. - A Research on Human Resources Development in Tourism in Various areas of Midland and Northern Mountains

Keywords: Tourism, Tourism human resources, Human resources development
Tourism human resources are evaluated as one of the most essential and decisive factors for tourism development of any nations, local areas and tourist attractivenesss. Although there have ever been a number of domestic and international studies on human resource development in tourism, most of the previ-ous studies have only focused on the main activities of promulgating policies in some authorities. Regarding training and development of quantity and quality of tourism human resources, there are few comprehensive studies on other remedies to enhance human resources in local and regional area. The research evaluates the situation of tourism human resources, analyses and assesses tourism human resource development in the Northern midland and mountainous regions during the 28 year period from 2010 and gives some suggestions for the development of tourism human resources in the areas over the period from 2020 to 2025.
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