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Huan, N.V. and Hang, N.T. and Dat, P.M. - Evaluating Customer Satisfaction with E-com-merce Websites of Enterprises - A study at TNG Thai Nguyen Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company

Keywords: Satisfaction, customers, website, business
The paper focuses on a number of factors, affecting customer satisfaction on e-commerce websites of manufacturing and trading enterprises through studying factors such as the appearance of the website, the content of the website, the level of updating information of the website, the degree of association of the website with other websites. To accomplish this, the author has researched records and documents, plus collected data through survey questionnaires and direct interviews. After that, statistics and data analy-sis were obtained by Cronbach’s alpha reliability analysis method, EFA discovery factor analysis, and SEM linear structure model analysis. From there, the author gives the results and recommendations, helping busi-nesses overcome the shortcomings of the website, helping businesses have a quality website, full of infor-mation, making a good impression on customers, in order to attract customers to businesses, improve sales and revenue in business activities of the business. Piloting specific cases at TNG Thai Nguyen Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company.
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