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Anh, V. T. K. - Sustainable Development of Vietnamese Industrial Zones: Case Study in Thai Binh Province

Keywords: Industrial zones, sustainable development, Thai Binh.
Sustainable development of industrial zones (IZ) is to ensure stable economic growth, the IZ themselves operate more efficiently and harmonious development of social aspects and environmental protection. Thus, the sustainable development of IZ should be considered in two aspects: the sustainability and effectiveness of IZ and the positive spillover effects of IZ on socio -economic activities of branches and localities where indus-trial zones operate. Based on the theories of sustainable development of industrial zones, the article uses the sta-tistical method to describe the current situation of developing IZ in Thai Binh province in the period 2013-2017. A survey on 51 workers and 74 managers in enterprises operating in IZof Thai Binh Province was conducted on the basis of Likert scale from 1 to 5 points (1: strongly disagree to 5: strongly agree) to assess the sustainability, efficiency and spillover effect of the IZ. The results indicate that the sustainable development of IZ in Thai Binh Province has ensured the link between economic development and the stability of community life, step by step industrialization and modernization of rural areas in Thai Binh Industrial Zones.
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